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Toronto Makeup Lessons

From Everyday to the Big Day and Everything in Between

Our lead artist Carley offers Makeup Lessons in a private setting, at our

Midtown Toronto home studio at Bayview & Davisville. Whether you have

zero makeup experience, are getting back into wearing makeup after a hiatus,

or want to nail a new trend...We have a lesson for you!

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Makeup Lesson ($400/2 Hours)

  • Review of your beauty habits, skin condition, and history

  • Current makeup routine and bag evaluation

  • Budget vs High End Products: When to splurge and when to save

  • Choosing a foundation and applying it flawlessly

  • Getting the most bang out of your mascara, and how to choose one

  • Basic kit essentials, tools and hygiene

  • Q&A

  • You’ll leave with a customized product list and the skills to create a polished and professional look that you can achieve in minutes, keep it fresh throughout the day, then quickly elevate it for play. 

  • Overtime at $75/hour

Image by Amy Shamblen

The Refresher Lesson ($200/75 Mins)

Continuation of for students who want to 

  • Review any steps you are having trouble mastering from the first lesson

  • Transition your look from Day to Night or Elevate Your Daytime Face

  • Brow Theory and Discussion (Lamination, Microblading, Tinting etc) 

  • Elevate

  • Additional Questions


Personal Shopping (Starting at $150/1 Hour)

Fun fact: While I’ve always been amazed by the transformative and confidence building power of makeup, I originally got into this business because I could not stop shopping and needed an outlet to use my product! Suffice to say, my shopping prowess is impeccable after years of practice. Having been in the makeup business for 12 years, I am incredibly knowledgeable and selective with makeup products. Let me shop with you so that you can benefit from my expertise, and avoid pushy salespeople who may not always have your best interest at heart. We’ll meet at the Eaton Centre (Sephora & MAC), Bay and Bloor (Sephora & Holt Renfrew), Fairview Mall (Sephora & MAC) or a place of your choosing (travel fees may apply) and select the best products for you, while having a ton of fun - because that’s what makeup should be!

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Xi Yang
Image by Manu Camargo

Makeup Artist / Professional Level Training
(Customized, Starting at $500)

I’ve been a makeup artist for 12 years and have been running the Carley Artistry GTA mobile beauty boutique for 5 years. I have keyed feature films that have premiered at TIFF, done commercial and headshot work with Forbes 500 companies, and serviced weddings of all cultural backgrounds, for groups of up to 20. I definitely know a few things about the industry and makeup applications for all settings!


Please reach out via email and let us know whether you are just starting your professional career, upscaling your business, or anything in between! We’ll customize your training specifically to your desires. Our professional private workshops cover both kit and application hygiene (not optional), and can include business tips such as how to find and secure clients, rate setting, and setting up your business the right way. We can also provide tips and tricks for mature skin, different eye shapes, acne cover or colour correction, our signature natural glam, evening glam, straight makeup for tv and film as well as set etiquette, wedding day scheduling, team building, and more. The sky's the limit!

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