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Everyday Beauty

We don't just do weddings. We're here help you put your best
face forward for all of the important moments in your life.


Choosing a professional for hair and makeup services for your headshot, family photos, or maternity shoot can significantly enhance the overall quality of your photos.

Here are several reasons why booking a Carley Artistry professional for your photoshoot is a good idea:


Expertise in Camera-ready Looks:

Our team is experienced and trained to create makeup looks that appear natural and flattering in front of the camera. They understand how lighting and photography affect makeup and can tailor the application to ensure you look your best.


Flawless, Long Lasting Finish:

Our team have experience with all skin types and tones, allowing them to achieve a flawless finish while ensuring that your makeup stays fresh and vibrant throughout the entire photoshoot. This is especially important for high-definition photography, where details can be more pronounced.


Tailored to Your Style:

Our artists work closely with you to understand your style preferences and ideas for the photoshoot. Whether you prefer a natural look or something more dramatic, they can customize the makeup to match your vision.


Stress-Free Experience:

Having a Carley Artistry professional handle your hair and makeup allows you to relax and focus on the photography session. You can trust that they will create a look that complements the setting and the purpose of the photos.


Atrisha Globe Cover.jpg

Consistency Across Group Photos:

For family photos, and team headshots, having everyone's hair and makeup done professionally ensures a cohesive and polished look for the entire group. This helps create a more visually appealing and harmonious set of images.


Investment in Quality:

Your photos can be a lasting memory, or a keystone in your branding, and investing in professional hair and makeup ensures that you'll be proud of the final results for years to come. It's a small investment that can make a significant difference in the overall quality and usefulness of your images.


Ultimately, booking a professional for your hair and makeup needs will
help make our photo experience a positive and confident one, resulting in stunning photographs that capture your best self.


Let us know all the details of your next photo ready moment!
We can't wait to hear what your celebrating! 

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