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  • How long is a wedding trial?
    We call our trials "Previews" as these are not meant to be an audition of services but instead a collaborative working session that results in a preview of your wedding day look! During a preview, we discuss all the details of your wedding from your colours, to how much dancing you'll be doing so that we can construct the perfect look for your day! We typically allot 1.5 hours for a single service trial and 2.5 - 3 hours for makeup and hair.
  • Can I book a preview before signing a contract?
    You certainly can! However, we cannot hold wedding dates without a signed contract and retainer.
  • When should I book my Preview?
    The preferred time to do a trial is closer to your wedding date, about 30 days to be exact. At this point, your hair is closer to the condition it will be in for the wedding day, with some time to make any necessary rescues for your hair colour, ends, and scalp health and your skin tone will be similar to your wedding day. All of the other moving pieces, especialy your dress are taken care of at this point, so we can focus on your look.
  • Can I bring a friend, my mom, my fiance to the Preview?
    Our studio is not very large, but we're happy to allow one guest. We advise that you bring someone with similar taste to yours, who you trust implicitly. If you want to wear red lipstick and your mom hates it, please don't bring her. It will dampen your mood and affect your decision. Your wedding day look is entirely for you!
  • Do you offer previews for bridesmaids, moms etc?
    While it’s rare that a member of the bridal party wants a preview, we are happy to accomodate! The cost will be the same as a bridal preview. An alternative for bridal party members who want to get to know us, is to book a separate special occasion service for a night out, or book a group glam session for your bachelorette!
  • What if one of our bridesmaids doesn't want to book your services?
    Having your entire bridal party serviced by us means cohesion in the overall look of your party. Our super friendly team is like a small family; we know we work well together, and we can guarantee our timing. If a few bridesmaids opt out of the service, it can be noticeably visible in the photos; their hair may not last as long, their makeup might fade and their skin might become shiny or worse, they can look too dramatic for your vision. That said, we understand everyone has different financial priorities, and we’re happy to accommodate those who’ve changed their minds if we have extra time on the day.
  • How long will hair and makeup take on the wedding day?
    We allot 45 minutes for each bridal party hair or makeup service. For example a bridesmaid having their hair and makeup done can expect to be with us for 1.5 hours. For the bride, we do 1 hour time slots, 2 hours for hair and makeup. This is to make sure the bride is absolutely perfect, and totally relaxed. We ask that you designate someone from your bridal party to field any questions during your services so that you can breathe, enjoy the pampering and take a small rest on what will be a very busy day!
  • When is the final headcount due?
    When you book with us, you must provide a minimum number of services. This contracted amount ensures we have an appropriate number of artists reserved for your day. Should you wish to add more services later, we will do our best to accommodate additions.
  • Will you stay for touch ups?
    Our makeup and hair should last for your whole wedding, and you will be provided with a goody bag for minor touch ups so there shouldn't be a need for someone to remain with you. If you would like someone to return to changeover your look, additional fees and travel (if applicable) will apply.
  • How many services can you accommodate?
    We can accommodate any number of clients. The larger the number of services, the more artists we bring to glam you up! The only concern you need to worry about here is space. Ensure you have enough space for your crew to be comfortable, and acount for the extra bodies and kits.
  • Do you charge for additional artists?
    We do our best to provide enough artists to get the job done expediently while ensuring a fair day wage for our artists. This typically means up to 6 services per artist. We will provide the number of complimentary artists and a timing block when we provide your quote. If you need faster services, additional artists can be secured at an additional charge.
  • What's the difference between airbrush and traditional foundation?
    Many of our artists are trained in airbrush and would love to give you that extra level of care! Airbrush formula foundation goes on the skin with a super fine air mist that is amazing for those who don't require a lot of coverage and want to keep the skin super light. It's also great for covering acne or other textured skin, as it's less disturbed by brushes. We do not recommend airbrush for mature skin. Traditional foundation, when applied by a Carley Artistry skilled artist, can produce as flawless finish as airbrush, if not better! The formulas and colour ranges are more customizable and our talented artists know how to create a barely there finish with any product.
  • What makeup brands do you use?
    Our artists use a variety of well known and professional products from brands like; Danessa Myricks, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Natasha Denona, Fenty, Temptu, Ben Nye, Mehron, Mac, Makeup Forever, Nars, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier and many more. We choose our products based on performance and not by brand name. Each individual product has been tested in multiple scenarios for longevity, and sensitivity and before it ever touches a clients face.
  • How far will you travel?
    We will travel to the ends of the earth to get you ready for your wedding day! Anywhere within Toronto proper is included in the base fee. Travel to locations outside of our local service area will be charged at a rate of $1/km away from M4S1E6. If you're having a destination wedding, we'd love to chat!
  • Can you provide hair and makeup services for my destination wedding?
    YES! For better or worse, us big city folks are accustomed to a certain level of service, which is sometimes not available in other countries. Makeup styles, hair techniques, communication and efficiency vary wildly from place to place. If you're looking for Toronto style, and the comfort of knowing you will look like yourself on your wedding day, we'd love to discuss your wedding! Aside from the regular service fees, room, board and flight and baggage fees may apply.
  • What is the booking process?
    We will send you a quote via email based on your location, the number of services you provided, and the time you need to be ready. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Once you have decided to move forward with us, you will provide your Full Name, Mailing Address and Phone number as well as a few other details, and we will draw up a contract. We will hold your date for 2 business days from the date it is sent to read it through, sign and send back with your 30% retainer. We will not accept retainers without a signed contract, or vice versa. There is a $30 admin fee for reissuing late contracts should your date still be available.
  • Where can I find your rates?
    Please click here to download a full pricing sheet!
  • I love your work but I can't afford the rate, can we negotiate?
    Our rates factor in our professional product fees, extensive training, admin work, travel time and car maintenance, inventory and overhead and as such, we are unable to negotiate. To put things in perspective, MAC charges $75/hr, and Sephora $90/90mins for a bridal makeup. You do not get to choose your artist based on portfolios, you must travel to them, they can only do one client at a time, and you’ve still got to go to get your hair done afterwards. That's a lengthy mall morning at the mall for a bridal party! Lastly, while they are as hygienic as possible, they are using testers that have been touched by the public. Our suggestion is to decide what services are really important to you for your wedding, and make them happen. This is your day! We do know that if you choose us, you will be receiving the greatest care, utmost professionalism and a flawless wedding day look that will show in your photo's for years to come. You get to relax while we do the running around, not to mention, we are pretty cool to hang around with ;)
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